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Dolma vegan perfume About Dolma

Dolma was established in 1982 by Jim Payne, a practising vegan and qualified chemist, to provide perfumes which could be used with confidence by Vegetarians and Vegans. It has since become a well known business within the vegan and vegetarian community.

Everyone involved with the business fully understands the "cruelty-free" ethic.

Cruelty-free Perfume

We believe that to be truly "cruelty-free" a fragrance must not only be entirely free from animal testing but should not contain substances of animal origin.

The origins of all Dolma raw materials are thoroughly checked to ensure they satisfy these stringent conditions. We only use ingredients whose safety is well established and test finished products on human volunteers, including ourselves! We do not use new ingredients developed after 1976.

Our fragrances are listed by the following organisations as complying with their cruelty-free standards: The Vegan Society, BUAV, Animal Aid, Dr Hadwen Trust, and Naturewatch. Dolma is also listed on the Vegan Village.

We hope you enjoy our Vegan Perfumes and Aftershaves. Our trial size perfumes are also available in Boxed Sets which make a lovely gift.